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Creating a reddit clone in Go
This course aims to teach you the basics of developing web applications in Go by creating a simple reddit clone/style forum. Learn everything from routing to templates, database and authentication systems.
1. Installing the Go compiler
4:59 Minutes free
2. Introducing Go Modules
9:46 Minutes free
3. Database Entities & SQL Migrations
7:48 Minutes free
4. Installing PostgreSQL using Docker
6:54 Minutes free
5. Database Queries with sqlx
15:40 Minutes free
6. Serving HTML with the chi router
21:13 Minutes free
7. Autoreloading with reflex
2:31 Minutes
8. HTML Templating - Basics
6:40 Minutes
9. HTML Templating - Nested Templates
5:04 Minutes
10. Preparing the new frontend layouts
4:49 Minutes
11. Applying the new frontend layouts
4:06 Minutes
12. Implementing the Threads and Posts handling
12:34 Minutes
13. Implementing the Comments and Voting
8:11 Minutes
14. Finalizing the Home page
8:04 Minutes
15. Refactoring the Handler
4:03 Minutes
16. Protecting against CSRF Attacks
8:44 Minutes
17. Session handling
5:22 Minutes
18. Flash Messages
9:52 Minutes
19. Form Validation
8:09 Minutes
20. Form Validation continuing
6:02 Minutes
21. User Registration
13:37 Minutes
22. User Login
12:01 Minutes
Go Library & Tools Showcase
Learn everything about amazing Go tools and libraries to greatly improve your development exprience.
1. Generate your Database Layer with sqlc
11:04 Minutes free

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